We are back!

imageimageimageimageimageAaah, we have a full year of growing and stretching. Growth was obvious not only in measures of our boys’ age but also as parents.
Ifemi and David are both in school. Ifemi started his third year in Montessori. He now plays a big role in David’s first school year experience. I have reconfigured my thinking and had to wear different hats along the way. We have traveled a few times for business now that I have taken Arbonne business as a way to be actively involved in our boys’ lives. I realized how my vision of familyhood made it easy for me to give up the clinical side of my nursing career. Being part of Ifemi and David’s “life” is a shot I have to take and not miss. The choice was easy but the real work of waking up as soon as you fall asleep because David wants to cuddle is hard work. The endless chasing, the running around is a major part of my daily routine. The boys had now learned that everyday is an adventure! So when the mornings gets tough and they are too slow to get to the bathroom to wash up and shower, I will always remind them, that “adventure starts now”.
As Tim Grover said, every dream you imagine, everything you see and hear and feel in your sleep, that’s not a fantasy, that’s your deep instinct telling you it can be real. Follow those visions and dreams and desires, and believe what you know. Only you can turn those dreams into reality. Never stop until you do.

Happy thanksgiving!

Thank you for the opportunity to know this side of life
For knowing how to think beyond one self
Of waking up knowing that there are two precious gift that cuddles close by
Of knowing that motherhood surely assures a lifetime of little joys
bucketful of tears of joy and of little kisses in the nose
Of answering questions that creates memories, “why does the moon follows us mommy” “is the sun awake yet?”
Of knowing what it meant to stretch the budget to save for college
for the boys
Of giving up dessert, of saving kisses of sacrifices of waking up extra early and of sleeping so late and waking up often
Of getting up after few seconds of falling asleep…”mommy can Inhave water?”
Of long discussions about dinosaurs and having to deserve a toy and qualifying for being a good boy
I will never give up this evolving change… I just have to keep learning from it.
Thank you for letting me see beyond my fears for exploring
for knowing that no matter what happens “I love you” is the greatest answer that meant more than just thanksgiving!